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Erin McClure - Success and Wellness Coach

As a coach, my job is to help people figure out what is holding them back from living their most expansive life. Whether it’s lack of clarity, limiting beliefs, or just needing their own space to be seen and heard, I can help create lasting, meaningful change. I help people take charge and take actions to live the life they have always desired.

While raising two great busy boys and supporting a wonderful husband in creating and building his dream career, I have experienced juggling competing priorities. I served for 18 years in a fast-paced corporate environment, delivering positive results through my teams and cross-functional organizations. It was full of action, joy, love, hustle, along with decisions, demands, and deadlines, and moves across the country and back. It was exciting and it was tough. I understand overwhelm, stress, and losing (my power), but I also know joy, freedom, and growth. I definitely know how important it is to be clear about yourself, your values, and about reaching deep to understand why choices are made and how to shift those choices. I know how to create from my most powerful place and how to make new decisions and to allow life changes that I did not think were possible.

In addition to earning a bachelor’s degree and figuring out how to thrive in this life school we are all part of, I trained and been certified as a Professional Work and Life Coach at UC Davis. I am currently a member of and am working toward certification from the International Coaching Federation. I am a voracious reader, podcast listener, and a dedicated researcher of all things related to health, longevity, personal growth and development, spirituality, and an explorer of a wide variety of subjects some consider woo-woo I find fascinating.

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